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hello, I am stefanie swift and I am happy to meet you. I am currently a student at Dev Bootcamp where I am advancing my coding skills. I would love to share my experiences and learn about yours.

my projects

pair programming website

a pair programming website that I collaborated on with another DBC member

coming soon...

click here to contact me about doing a project

coming soon...

click here to contact me about doing a project

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Fireside Chat

Discussion about my beginning of coding

Week One

Overview of my week one at Dev Bootcamp

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the delectable feast

Cucumber Noodles with Smoked Salmon Recipe

Start to finish, lunch took me five minutes to make, it tasted delicious and was beautiful. I can’t wait to make it for my girlfriends.

Winter Squash Salad Recipe

Today we made a winter squash salad, that combines the salty smoothness of goat cheese, the sweet flavor of golden raisons, the nutty crispness of acorn squash, and the heartiness of kale. This is great as a meal or as a compliment to a pasta or meat dish!

Pumpkin Casserole Recipe

This pumpkin casserole is the perfect side for Thanksgiving. A sweet, savory dish that pairs well with turkey and stuffing. I used a pie pumpkin, smaller than your carving variety, but available at most grocery markets. You can also used canned pumpkin for any time constraints.

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